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At DBR Development LLC we are akin to a Fantasy Football Team where the best individuals in their respective skill sets are brought together for a common purpose. Our synergistic partnership is comprised of members with a rich history in affordable housing development, finance and property management - from visualization to manifestation and long term operation - we have the field covered with the best players.

Substantively, the structure is really not much different from that of a “typical” developer that has a principal, an employee project manager and perhaps other employees that occasionally participate in a project. While affordable housing development can be conducted via having employees within the umbrella of a single organization, the same goal can also be accomplished by several groups partnering together. There are also multiple guarantors with this structure which may be helpful from a lender and/or investor perspective.

Real estate is often developed in partnerships. It enables division of labor to make the process more efficient and open opportunities that otherwise may not be available. This brings people with better skill sets together and doesn’t limit the involvement to a single organization. Partnering to develop the property accomplishes the end goal while utilizing the strength, experience and expertise of each team member of DBR Development LLC.

Meet the team that gets things going

DBR Development LLC has 70 years of combined experience in all facets of property acquisition, finance, development and property management.


David Billings


Bruce Solari


Keith Stanley