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We create & develop so others can live better.

Quality affordable housing enhances lifestyles while affirming basic human dignity. At DBR Development LLC the firm believes in Doing Business Right.
Building Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Property Management

Property Management is involved from a projects’ inception to completion to ensure design and livability issues are addressed early and maintained for long term viability. We only work with reputable Property Management firms experienced in the management of and compliance challenges that are specific to affordable housing projects.


The team at DBR has a significant track record structuring and layering sources of funds required to finance affordable housing projects. From the competitive 9% Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit to 4% Tax Exempt Bonds, Historic Tax Credits, MHP, AHP, MHSA plus multiple other local and State financing sources. Please see tab “About Us” for more details.


Our team’s experience includes building new projects from less than 30 units to more than 200 units. From garden style communities to historic rehab to urban infill podium structures, we are comfortable and confident that we can overcome or resolve any project issue that may arise. We diligently work with tenacity, fortitude and integrity to create a “Win Win” for the community, residents, lenders and investors and the project team.


DBR seeks to acquire multifamily properties throughout California and Hawaii that have a minimum 40 units with ten (10) year current ownership. Projects should be located in near proximity to local service amenities such as public transportation, schools, grocery store or market, medical/hospital, library etc.

4 Reasons why you should work with us

1. Our portfolio

We have long term interests in mind when developing and renovating properties. From the very beginning of a project we consider potential development, ongoing maintenance and operational issues.

We strive for energy efficiency that exceeds Title 24 standards via the use of solar as well as improving insulation in the building’s envelope to lower utility consumption, reducing water consumption via more drought tolerant landscaping outside and more efficient plumbing fixtures inside, and more livable interiors utilizing Energy Star rated appliances, renewable resource flooring and Low-VOC paints and glues.

Our goal is for our properties to look as good 10 years from now as they do today while being respectful to the environment.

2. Our clients

We are a relationship driven business and understand, appreciate and respect that it takes a team to create affordable housing. From the development team to the local community and municipality to the design team, lenders, investors, partners, general contractor, property management company and ultimately the residents whom we serve. We begin with the end user in mind and strive to treat each member of the team as we desire to be treated: with respect, honesty, integrity and dignity. We enjoy our work, love what we do to be of service and like to have fun along the way.

3. Our timelines

It has been said that without deadlines “nothing would get ever done”. In the affordable housing world we live by timelines. Whether it is a local municipality, a State Housing Agency or Federal funding program each adheres to its’ own schedule and our task is to bend and blend our project into the various timelines and deadlines. Our team has the patience, tenacity and fortitude it takes to layer various resources while focused on the end goal of ultimately manifesting the physical living environment for the residents as expediently as possible.

4. Our rates

While we develop for our own portfolio there are often times other developer’s need assistance with their project or may have inclusionary requirements within a larger development program that we can assist with. We offer competitive rates, pride ourselves with being fair in our dealings and look to create win-win. Should you have a project and need assistance, please feel free to give us a call and see how we can be of service.